Green hydrogen is on everyone’s lips and rightly so. Yet, the production remains far more complex and costlier than "non-green" hydrogen. SunGreenH2, a Singaporean startup, has set itself the goal of changing this quandary and bringing a nanotechnological advance to environment-friendly hydrogen production. Hamburg Invest’s "Scaleup Landing Pad" is bringing the scaleup to the Hanseatic city given their shared passion for green hydrogen!

Passion for decarbonization

Founded in 2020 by Tulika Raj, CEO, and Dr. Saeid Masudy Panah, CTO, both are passionate about decarbonization and set up SunGreenH2 in Singapore. Tulika had previously spent 15 years working in the energy sector while Saeid had worked in R&D for over ten years developing thin-film solar cells, photodiodes and transistors. Both quickly realized that his research could be used to produce electrodes for green hydrogen. Commenting on SunGreenH2, Tulika said: "We are proud to offer a solution for the entire industry with SunGreenH2, regardless of the type of electrolyser used." Readmore